Making sure our customers are satisfied is what motivates us to deliver shipping solutions with excellence, day in and day out.

d.ship - Quality

We think ahead, and constantly review and improve our processes, to offer the exceptional service our customers are looking for. With careful planning and precise execution, d.ship will stand by your side as a trustworthy and quality-driven business partner.

Business Partners

d.ship Business Partners

We are aware that we depend on our customers, whose trust we strive to earn and retain at all times. We work closely with our business partners in order to enhance our capabilities, provide high-quality services, and maintain a flexible and professional organization built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.



To safeguard your business through safe, secure, and compliant execution is our objective. In operating our own fleet, we rely on partners around the world. We develop high performance standards alongside our subcontractors to ensure that our service is always delivered with the best quality and in the safest and most cost-efficient way. We make it our daily business to constantly assess our subcontractors’ quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) performance, and always conduct due diligence.


d.ship’s success depends on the abilities and dedication of all of our employees. We value loyalty, honesty, and integrity, and we treat each other with respect. We share knowledge and information, as well as encourage teamwork throughout the organization and with our customers, business partners, and affiliates. As an employer of choice for many in the industry, d.ship prides itself on providing training and personal development for its employees.


Process Management

To lead in our industry is our ambition. As we serve our global customers with excellent shipping solutions, we continually strive to exceed industry standards. We find that the key to joint success is to align our processes with the requirements and needs of our customers. d.ship has designed an optimal set-up for the shipping business, and we model, organize, and implement processes to increase efficiency and effectively minimize operational and administrative risks. All of these benefits are directly passed on to our customers.

d.ship Process Management


At d.ship, we are committed to safe practices in all of our operations and everyday actions. We have a duty to care for the safety and health of our employees and of those we serve. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures the highest level of attention to detail when preparing all calculations, drawings, and plans.

We take personal responsibility for ourselves and those around us, which is why we continuously improve our protocols and procedures and perform regular safety assessments in order to safeguard the people involved and our environment. d.ship believes that safety is a “mindset” and is therefore an integral part of our decision-making processes.


We are committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, and ethics. Corporate management supports our offices by providing training and guidance to company personnel to ensure that we are operating in compliance at all times.