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dship Carriers recently completed a sophisticated project shipment out of Italy for the Cebu-Negros-Panay project in the Philippines. One of our vessels transported several cable baskets with a total weight of 3,300 metric tons from Arco Felice, Italy to Iloilo, Philippines.

Prior to loading, an entire spooling system, including a roller chute, pulling machines, coiling towers, and cable dispensers, had to be installed on our vessel. The system was installed and tested in the Port of Pozzuoli prior to shifting the vessel to Arco Felice, where 60 kilometers of HVDC submarine cable was spooled on.

The cable baskets measured 17 meters in diameter and weighed up to 2,000 metric tons. Eventually, the fiber optic cable will be used to connect the islands of Negros to Panay in the Philippines.