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dship Carriers is excited to present its modern multi-purpose vessel Gallia on her way through the Kiel Canal, Germany. The main characteristic of the Gallia is her versatility. She can carry nearly every type of cargo. Her tween deck units can also be used as bulk-heads. This makes the Gallia quite flexible for all kinds of projects around the world.

With a combined lifting capacity of 240 metric tons and a dead weight of 12,780 metric tons, the Gallia is perfect for supporting our growing client base and cargo volume. dship Carriers has received a lot of positive feedback so far from clients, especially about the fact that d.ship can offer high-value logistics services from a single source.

This long-term charter is a great addition to the heavy lift, multi-purpose fleet. Besides Holandia and Helvetia, the fleet had to be expanded with Gallia in order to ship the increasing tonnage.

The names of the vessels also tell their own story. They’ve been named after ships that the Press family owned and operated back in the 1980s. This shows the tradition the family has had in the shipping business.

Enjoy watching more details in the video!