Service Introduction


At d.ship, a vast variety of customers entrust us to ship their materials and equipment. Whether you require part-charter, full-charter, or time-charter services, we offer suitable tonnage to satisfy your requirements.

d.ship is a global vessel operator, with modern tonnage for transporting project cargo, including heavy lifts, such as refinery and chemical plant components, power generation equipment, modular cargo, construction machinery, transformers, materials and equipment for offshore drilling and production platforms, mining equipment, structural steel, yachts, and much more.

Today, our fleet consists of modern multi-purpose vessels, ranging from 5,000 DWAT to 12,800 DWAT, allowing d.ship to provide reliable and flexible breakbulk and heavy lift services, which can be customized to meet all of your ocean chartering needs. Our vessels are equipped with combined crane capabilities of up to 300 metric tons and travel speeds of up to 15 knots.

Shipping Solutions

d.ship has a support team made up of dedicated and highly experienced maritime professionals specialized in:

  • Transport engineering
  • Method statements
  • Stowage planning
  • Project management and
  • Port services.

Our technical and engineering departments provide supercargoes and crews with clear loading and unloading instructions and calculations to ensure smooth and successful operations, time after time, regardless of the technical complexity.

dship Shipping Solutions


The professionals at d.ship are dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for your cargo and project shipping needs. You can rest assured knowing that every aspect of your shipment will be handled by highly experienced personnel.

d.ship’s teams of commercial and engineering experts understand and appreciate the value of the goods we handle and the importance of timing, precision, and transparency.

We have the resources and wherewithal to transport your materials and equipment into and out of even the most remote and challenging environments and locations around the world.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals


d.ship offers clients from the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries a diverse fleet of multi-purpose vessels, along with a global cross-functional service team, providing you with the dedicated approach your project requires. Whether you need to ship absorbers, reactors, coke drums, pipe laying towers, liquefied gas tanks, boilers, reels, or carousels, d.ship can deliver results-driven solutions for the safe and reliable carriage of your equipment.

Wind Energy


The wind energy sector has grown consistently, year after year, as the world searches for alternative means of reliable and renewable energy sources. d.ship offers multi-purpose, best-in-class solutions for the handling and shipping of wind turbines, monopiles, hubs, and blades. Our heavy lift vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art lifting equipment suitable for all types of heavy and/or over-length cargo.

Floating Cargos

Our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art heavy lift cranes, as well as securing and lashing equipment, to permit the safe loading and unloading of yachts, ferries, tug boats, barges, and other sensitive floating cargo. We can load and offload your floating cargo right from the water, safely and efficiently, to save on time and unnecessary costs, without even having to make a port call.



Our versatile fleet of ocean vessels provide also vessels with box shaped holds to offer shipping options for dry bulk cargo as well as pipes. Thanks to d.ship’s expertise in handling commodity cargo, such as grain, coal, or gravel, as well as our dedicated team of bulk handling specialists, we are able to accommodate a wide range of bulk commodities at very competitive prices.

d.ship - Bulk

Extended Services

In addition, d.ship offers in-house consulting and port captain services. We take the guesswork out of creating the best logistics plans and port calls for your shipping needs. Our devoted transport engineers and marine chartering experts will openly share their knowledge and experience with you regarding contractual, technical, operational, and commercial matters, so that you feel confident that you are in good hands.


We value the importance of teamwork and communicate internally within our commercial, operational, and engineering teams, as well as with our external partners, to anticipate and resolve potential problems before they occur.


We offer best-in-class solutions for maritime operations and optimize project deliverables via in-depth analysis of marine guidelines and procedures, including motion response, stability, ballasting, deck strength, structural integrity, stowage, sea-fastening design, grillage and load spreading design, hull strength, and other similar variables. We ensure that heavy lift operations are executed well inside required technical parameters, pursuant to both global and company safety standards.

Stowage Planning

dship Stowage Planning

An accurate stowage plan for the intended voyage is a competitive factor. At d.ship, we use optimized stowage planning with the target to provide maximum safety for the cargo and vessel, combined with extended space usage that takes into account optimized sea-fastening, as well as easy access to cargo at the point of discharge, for convenient cargo operations.

Motion Sensing

We understand the needs of our customers and strive to provide state-of-the-art solutions, which is why we offer motion sensing as part of our product portfolio. Motion sensing provides accurate information about the actual behavior of cargo that has been loaded, lashed, and secured for a voyage at sea. At d.ship, we use the most advanced system in the industry to track and monitor conditions in real time and meet our clients’ needs. Motion sensing is our answer to your sensitive and special high-value cargo.

d.ship Motion Sensing

3D Simulation

Advanced 3-D simulation technology illustrates the design of complex transport solutions and provides an overview of the entire cargo handling operation.

d.ship 3D Simulation